At last subtitlers are getting their just desserts!

The EU wants to help poor filmmakers, so it is tightening the thumbscrews on filthy-rich subtitlers. Finally it is hitting the bloodsuckers of the audiovisual world where it hurts. Subtitling a film may cost 1000 Euros – a horrifying 1 per cent or 1 per mille or God-forbid 0.1 per mille or may-they-rot-in-hell 0.01 per mille of the production costs of a film. So the EU has rightly launched an initiative costing a mere 1,000,000 euros to bring the outrageously high cost of subtitling down through crowd-sourcing and other innovative solutions.

Subtitle costs are almost exclusively made up of wages; subtitling is particularly labour intensive; translating a film can take up to a week; and the hourly wage of subtitlers is already very low. But these factors are of course totally irrelevant. Fortunately subtitling pay rates have been dropping for some time and now the EU is demonstrating the right attitude by grabbing even more bread out of the mouths of subtitlers while tightening the noose to anorexic levels.

If anyone wants to know more about this wonderful initiative by the European Council of Troubles, they can go here:

You can also let them know just how excited you are about these great plans by mailing these addresses: or

And do not hesitate to tell your favourite MEP about this. Here are all the Dutch members of the European parliament, including e-mail addresses:

PS: One simple way to save money for anyone who wants something subtitled: rent a subtitler directly and not through agencies which then subcontract to the subtitler. So use the local index of subtitlers, e.g. in Holland that of the BZO.

[This translation of a previous posting was made by Martin Cleaver, entirely on his own accord. Thank you, Martin.]


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